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Strayer University has helped thousands of students achieve their educational goals. Let us show you how to realize your dreams and ambitions while keeping a sense of balance in the process.

Dana Cruver

My name is Danya Cruver. I recently enrolled in Strayer University and I’m excited to have received this scholarship! 

The application process for the scholarship was very simple.  I Cruverfound out about it on the portal at work and as soon as I got home I went to the website and applied.  I want to go back to school because the University I attended for my undergrad cut one of the programs that I wanted to major in.  That program was Human Resource Management. 

After I finished my bachelors in marketing I knew I wanted to go back to get my masters in HR.  I love working at Starbucks and my ultimate goal would be to work at corporate in the HR department.  I’m most excited about attending Strayer because I can continue to learn and develop my business skills, while also having the flexibility to work full time due to the global campus. 

I’m currently using the tuition discount and plan on applying for the tuition reimbursement in July once I’ve been with the company for five years.  I just want to say thank you to Strayer and Starbucks for this scholarship, I’m so excited and honored!


Karen Brehm

My educational journey has been a more non-traditional route. I am completing each phase while already a full time working adult. I am very thankful for the opportunities Starbucks has offered in my career, as well as the support from my management and Starbucks Leaders to continue my education. This new Starbucks U program will help me complete my journey on a schedule that supports my life and career, as well as relieve part of the financial impact.

It has always been a personal goal to complete my college education. I finished my Associates Degree a few years ago while working at the Starbucks Support Center in Seattle.

I’ve been very blessed with my career opportunities at Starbucks and relocated to Miami, FL to support my advancement and drive in the business. Now, the combination of the new Starbucks U program with Strayer, and an awesome team and leaders who support my goals, I am able to finish the degree and follow my goals to finish school and continue my career with Starbucks.

I am working toward a Bachelor’s in Business Administration with focus in Project Management. I will finish with the BA degree and also PMI certification.

The process to apply for the scholarship was quick and straight forward. It was easy to determine what information was needed, and I just spent a little time considering my response to the question about my volunteering experience.

Strayer offers the accredited programs that will help me follow my career goals, as well as expand my knowledge and skills. In addition, the school provides schedules that work well with adult students – including evening and online classes, condensed courses and tools that cater to people who live busy, complicated lives.

Mary O'Brien

I’ve always wanted to go to college. I attended a parochial elementary school, then a demanding all girls college prep program in high school which was supposed to get me ready for the college experience. The problem was, by the time I graduated high school,

I was tired of education in general. I enrolled in college but within two years I became pregnant with my daughter, dropped out of school and started working for a local bank. Life continued on until I started working for Starbucks and found out about Starbucks University. I attended a job fair at corporate headquarters exploring jobs outside of the retail side of the coffee business.

I met Sara Reed, a partner who I knew as a customer at my store. She told me an exciting partnership that Starbucks formed with two schools, one which was Strayer University. The partnership included reduced tuition, financial aid, credit for life experience and Starbucks offered tuition reimbursement too! I was hooked. I did some research and found a way to pay for school myself out of my IRA and qualified for tuition reimbursement through Starbucks U. Once I contacted Strayer University,

I enrolled in school and am taking classes in English Composition and Algebra and expect to earn my AA degree in Marketing, with an option for a BA in Business. I’m taking classes on line, which can be lonely. Participating in the online discussion boards and reading my professors’ comments get keep me involved. My academic advisor, Kim, promptly answers my emails, and the business office promptly processed and emailed a receipt for my tuition payments.

I recommend any partner who wants to advance his or her career to take a look a Starbucks University. Online classes are a convenient way to fit education into one’s schedule and one doesn’t have to be online at a certain time to listen to class lectures, since they are asynchronous. Attendance is taken through the class discussion boards and assignments are submitted through the class website. It is challenging, but the rewards are great and worth working for.

Thomas Kinsey

I have a B.A. from Miami University in Psychology, and I discovered quickly that I would utilize that in a managerial role rather than in the social services field. I chose to pursue a career with Starbucks Coffee Company, not because I necessarily was looking to find a career in retail management, but because of my respect for the company.

I took a pretty substantial pay cut at the time for the opportunity to join what I felt was one of the greatest companies out there. I am currently in the role of store manager, and although I love what I do, I am looking to move on to the next level of leadership.

I am hungry for new responsibilities and a new challenge. The opportunity to go back to school at Strayer University, which will work with my busy family/work life, is very exciting. The application process was easy and fairly short.

The only holdup I had was waiting for my tax return to obtain the right financial information for the application. I am very excited for the challenge of the curriculum, and the opportunity to learn new concepts that I can apply to my current position or future positions. I have wanted to go back to school for a while, and this is the perfect opportunity.

Strayer University and their partnership with Starbucks made this goal a reality for me. When I went through school to obtain my undergraduate degree, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do or which company I would join. However, I am very confident in my choice to join Starbucks, and I see a great future with them.

I am aware of the 20% discount on tuition when attending Strayer University, and I am also planning on utilizing the tuition reimbursement benefit.  I would be very excited about any further benefits that I am not utilizing.

This opportunity to get my M.B.A. will change my life and allow me to achieve my goals faster and with more confidence.

Christina Denisco

Hello, my name is Christina.

One of the many reasons I have been with Starbucks for nearly 6 years is because of their unrivaled dedication to seeing people succeed within the company. I have always been encouraged to go back to school, and yet the costs of both money and time were always a deterring factor.

Then I learned about StarbucksU and all of the amazing benefits like this scholarship (which was easy to apply for), tuition reimbursement and discount tuition. I went into Strayer University and they were so supportive in helping me obtain financial aide, make payment plans, and get credit fors training!

I couldn’t be happier to be with Strayer University while achieving my Bachelors of Business Administration because I feel like they, like Starbucks, want to see me succeed. Now, with the help of Strayer and StarbucksU, I am excited for my future and my career with Starbucks.